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The 2022 campaign

National Day of Safety and Health in Mining 2022

03 August 2022

The Minerals Council South Africa launched the National Day of Health and Safety in Mining on 8 July 2021. This is the fourth annual commemoration demonstrating the mining industry’s commitment to achieving zero harm.

The 2022 theme, Stepping up to the Challenge, aims to recognise excellence in health and safety in the industry and demonstrate the mining industry’s commitment to achieving zero harm.

Media release

Fact sheets



Health and safety case study videos

These videos were shot in July 2022. While it is no longer mandatory in South Africa for people to wear masks in all public areas, all COVID-19 protocols were strictly followed onsite during the creation of these videos to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Khumbul’ekhaya is a Nguni word for “remember home”, and recognises the devastating impact that work-related deaths have on families. It intends to drive home an enhanced safety and health message.


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